Alltime Moto Jacket Styled by Sally Lyndley

Alltime Moto Jacket Styled by Sally Lyndley


Fashion is my life.  Styling is my career. Moto is my fun. What I love so much about wearing the Atwyld brand is the versatility it brings to my wardrobe both on my bike and off. My personal style has always been very tomboy-influenced with luxury touches and the occasional girly dress. I wear the dirt bike jerseys to run in, I don’t go anywhere without an Atwyld beanie stuffed in my bag and the voyager jeans are my go-to in the dead of winter even when I am not riding because the abrasion protection gives me an extra layer of warmth and the design makes my butt look really good. These days I am striving for minimalism, every piece of clothing I own must hold its own in several ways: style, quality, versatility, comfort, and, when riding: protection.  Below I am going to breakdown the different ways I love to wear the Alltime Moto Jacket. 

When date night comes around, I love throwing this cool leather over my girliest and sexiest dresses with killer high heels, glittering jewelry, and a clutch bag.

Alltime styles beautifully with a white shirt, high-waisted pleated cropped trousers, chunky boots, and a tote bag for work.

When I am slumming it in a beanie, torn-up cut-off shorts, a hoodie, and tee, adding this leather jacket immediately makes my look more luxury.

Oversized Flannels with shorts, a wide brim hat, and a big boot get a nice silhouette break when I add the Alltime Moto as a layer on top. This is a look I rock when I am going out to meet girlfriends for a drink. Hopefully, that will happen again soon!

My riding looks ALWAYS include the Alltime Moto! In cooler weather, I rock it with the Shreds and a pair of short cowboy boots in black leather to give a Leather Momma vibe, which I love. And in warmer weather, I pair this jacket with the Raven Jeans and a tee shirt or tank from BRO, Atwyld, or Harley-Davidson, and my go-to classic Frye Harness Boots with a vintage Moto cap that I usually find at a swap meet.

I love wearing the Atwyld brand and love to find new ways to incorporate it into my wardrobe!


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