By Voyager: Tamara Raye


Have you ever gone for what you thought would be a pleasant little ride on a Sunday afternoon, looked up and saw the very face of evil lurking before you in the sky? Almost all riders know that there is a certain kind of dark and ominous rain cloud that could send a shiver straight down your spine. Such clouds were lying in wait for me on my ride home from Babes Ride Out 4 in Joshua Tree, CA a few weeks ago. However I greeted the foreboding weather with a tip of my helmet and a smile, for this time I had a secret weapon on my side- the ALLTIME jacket. So for the subsequent 140 miles back home from the desert, I plowed straight through the rain and cold wind without stopping. I noticed along the way that I didn’t have that progressive soggy sensation I am so used to after many miles in the rain. The instant I arrived back home, I immediately took the ALLTIME off to inspect the outcome. By and large, my core was dry aside from some dampness that had seeped in through the sleeves and neck. Also safe and sound, snug as a bug in a rug, was my cell phone inside of the breast pocket. While this leather jacket is not specifically purposed for riding in wet conditions, never fear if you happen upon that grumpy storm on your ride. Just be the nice girl that you are- smile, wave, and ride on.


Photos: Yve Assad

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