Meet Our Retailers: Moto Est.

Team Atwyld recently got the chance to catch up with one of our retailers down under, Moto Est. They have been supplying Atwyld since 2021 and are so thrilled about this partnership. Kate, the founder, and her team, Riz and Belle, have created a community for new riders and Moto Femmes, a community for women who ride in Australia. Keep reading to learn all things Moto Est. has grown to be. 



Credits: Alex McMillan 

Business Name: Moto Est.

Business Location: Melbourne, Australia

Tell us a bit about your business and its origin story. 

Our business started out in 2016 as a strong female rider brand & community called Moto Femmes. We set out to create a space where women could choose from a variety of stylish, purpose-built riding gear, instead of our only other option; pink, bedazzled, oversized garments from the dingy back corner of a huge superstore. We are a proud boutique, focused on style, quality and safety. We also strongly pride ourselves on bringing the community together via our informative and inclusive content.  

A few years down the track we evolved and diversified into Moto Est. (Moto Establishment), now offering gear for all riders, yet still holding a huge focus for the womxn on two wheels!  

We’re predominantly online but have a neat little Showroom located in Collingwood, Melbourne, where riders can come in and try on a range of our gear and have a good ol’ chat about all things bike! 


Who are the founders?

My name is Kate and I am the founder of Moto Est.! After jumping into the moto life and buying my first bike, to then being faced with buying all my gear, I suddenly found myself in Struggletown being completely disheartened with the choices and customer service that was on offer. Moto Est. was born. I am so proud to have created a store which takes the stress out of getting started and also will have you sorted for wardrobe options throughout your motorcycle riding life. 


Tell us why you chose Atwyld. What are your favorite Atwyld pieces? 

We’re an extremely proud stockist of Atwyld. I don’t like to think we chose Atwyld, I think Atwyld chose us! After fangirling over the brand for a while, we finally reached out to look at the possibility of bringing this amazing gear to Australian shores, and damn, we were so excited as soon as we could offer the Atwyld range to our customers. Our number one favorite thing about Atwyld, is the extended range of sizes and being able to offer stylish & comfortable options for our curvy queens. 

We absolutely love the moto range but one of our favorite pieces which turns out, is a favourite for our customers too, is the Pit Crew jumpsuit. The super soft fabric and thoughtful design means it looks good on so many different body shapes and continues to be one of our favourite products. The only problem is… wanting one in every color!  



What is the most rewarding part of your business?  

We pour a lot of blood, sweat and tears into our business, trying to create the best possible experience for our customers and followers, and hands down the most rewarding part is receiving positive feedback. It makes a world of difference to truthfully hear how happy and included our customers feel by shopping with us. It not only gives us a big head, but we genuinely feel warm & fuzzy knowing we’re selling quality gear that is going to last the years.  
We do a lot of content aimed at learner riders so the whole process of starting out seems less daunting...this is also so rewarding because we make the journey better & have moto friends for life!  


What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 

Did you say ice cream??? It’s only one of my favourite things to eat and I like to call myself a bit of an ice cream connoisseur! Every time I try a new ice cream shop, I always get my favourite, which is Chocolate, and if that is good, then I branch out to more exotic flavours. Can’t go past Chocolate though! 


What sets you apart from other moto gear retailers? 

Being a boutique brand, we work closely with other small businesses so that we can offer an experience as well as the necessities you need for riding & we think we are way ahead of the rest in a number of areas.  
Two things that make our store special: 

  1. We’re not your average retail shop, we have the same unhealthy obsession for two wheels as you do - so our work is also our passion! We’re part of the moto community doing our best to educate, enjoy and involve others into the community. We constantly put out a wide range of informative blogs and since we opened back in 2016 have published a monthly ‘Her Story’ blog from riders around the world sharing their moto journey. 
  2. We’re a small business who also support small businesses! We stock only the best brands from around the world and we have a strong focus on community & quality.  


How is your store sustainable? 

We don’t offer cheap gear that you will wear once and toss aside. We have a very strong focus on sustainability and want you to be wearing your gear for years to come! One of the reasons we love Atwyld is that their gear is built to last, you know you can ride it hard for years, it’s designed locally, made responsibly, manufactured in sustainable quantities and from thoughtful materials. #love 




What is the Moto Est. community? 

The Moto Est. community is our little pride and joy. It is the community of customers, supporters and followers who appreciate what we do within the industry & support us every step of the way as we grow & build on our brand. We are so proud to have the Atwyld team as part of our Moto Est. community. Even though we grew out of Moto Femmes and into Moto Est., we’re still just a handful of women running a small business and will continue to always have a huge focus on women riders and supporting events like Sheila’s Shakedown & International Female Ride day for years to come.  


For more information about Moto Est, check out their website at | @motoest