We caught up with Viki Chan (@meykeychan) and swooned over her grand adventure covering all 9 western states all while rocking her Commuter Moto Jeans.

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I took a 3,600 mile motorcycle ride all over the Western United States. Starting in Los Angeles we headed north; going all the way up to Glacier National Park in Montana. We had 15 days to complete the journey and my personal goal was to hit as many National Parks along the way.  Prior to this trip, I had personally never taken a ride longer than 200 miles in a day – so this would definitely test my stamina and endurance on the road as well as the ensurance of the gear that I was going to wear. We were going to average about 600 miles each travel day.

I knew we were going to hit temperatures as high as 105F as we crossed Nevada and Utah, and as low as 55F up north closer to the Canadian border. I did not have any room to spare so everything I had to bring with me had to be necessary to reduce the amount of bulk on the bike. As I was packing I decided I was only going to bring one set of riding clothes which I had to use the entire trip, I knew the commuter jeans were the right choice for the job. I have owned a total of 3 different brands of riding jeans; and the ATWYLD commuters have been the most comfortable, have the right amount of stretch and are the most stylish.

I gotta say going through Nevada the first leg of the trip was the worst part, the temperatures got up to 107F and there was no way of escaping that on the bike. My black mesh jacket allowed for great ventilation but that didn’t matter much when the air was so hot and the road was like riding on a hot plate. My commuter jeans offered some ventilation but with the added layer of Kevlar, it was not enough; but I guess we gotta sacrifice a little comfort for safety. Once we got north past Utah, the commuters proved that they were the right choice!

I am happy to say that the commuter jeans have travelled through 7 National parks, 9 states, mountains and deserts; battered by many bugs; endured asphalt, dirt roads, and more and they still function as good as the first time I put them on!

Thank You ATWYLD for making products that makes us women feel and look good as well as protect us! On a side note, I also packed 3 ATWYLD tees and shirts and they were perfect as well, really soft material for riding and the tanks were perfect for my long hot hikes.