There are many processes that go into building our collection. We have seen multiple prototypes of each style making sure that we get the construction just right. In many cases we are creating something completely from scratch so we will even do a variety of construction mock-ups to see which one we like best. Hours of fitting on a professional fit model ensure that the styles fit the widest range of body types possible. Sorting through fabric swatches and testing the abrasion resistance and stretch recovery has been key in making each piece perform. But, one of the most important steps in the process is wear-testing. This also happened to be the most fun! I have taken several trips in these samples and have come back each time with feedback that has improved their performance and comfort

Trip #1 About 600 miles for a weekend with my mom in and around Kernville.

Trip #2 Idyllwild and Borrego Springs for our Collection 1 Video Shoot

Trip #3 Babes Ride Out East Coast

Trip #4 Ortega and Holy Jim trail for a bit of off-roading

Trip #5 About 600 miles Up to the central coast for fathers day weekend with the family

Trip #6 About 1,500 miles on and off-road through British Columbia Canada

This process has been a journey like no other and we are so proud of the final product! Enjoy!