The instant we met Sally we fell in love with her! Why? Firstly because she had the best style ever, secondly because the first things she asked was if we needed any help with anything. This was exactly 2 minutes after she hopped off her bike from a 600 mile journey. That really sums up Sally in a nutshell. She lives her life bi-coastal and has more interesting stories about more interesting people than anyone we know. She is as comfortable in the city as she is in the wilderness and feels 100% at home on two-wheels. Sally has a true love for this community and is one of the most supportive people you will meet. We are so thankful to have this inspiring woman as a part of our tribe!

Where are you from originally? Garland, Texas Near Dallas

How long have you lived in..well, where exactly do you live now? I have no idea where I live anymore, officially a nomad. Mostly between NYC, So Cal and Milwaukee for the past 10 years.

Tell us about your childhood? Grew up in Texas with a very Texan dad and a Southern Belle mom (she literally thinks she is Scarlett O’Hara) and a punk rock teenage life. We spent holidays and summers in the Ozarks in Arkansas or in the backwoods of Tennessee hanging with the fam. Luckily Dad is super into rock n roll, so the records I grew up on where The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin. My first concerts where the Beach Boys and Pink Floyd. Music is a huge part of my life thanks to my father. And dad was also obsessed with Kubrick and Easy Rider, so I knew the lines from all these weird movies as a child. Movies that I now treasure. Mom has been ruling the makeup counters of Neiman Marcus since I was little so I grew up hanging out in the mall at the store. I fell in love with fashion there, all of the old ladies with the big hair and painted faces and Chanel suits. Discovering the amazing nineties brands like Helmut Lang, Jill Sander and Prada. I was and have always been and will always be obsessed with fashion. I quit high school when I was 16 to start working the fashion job I still do now. I will never forget the adversity I faced as a 16 year old in the working world of adults. To quote Britney Spears “No longer a girl, not yet a Woman.” Moved to NYC when I was 20 years old and have been nomadic since. Now I look back and laugh at all of the ballsy things I did like demanding to work with Chloe and Louis Vuitton as a fashion show producer or moving to Paris with no money or place to live and then again to London to work at Pop Magazine, I guess that is the ultimate punk attitude, just doing life your own way no matter what anyone else says.

Do you have a nick name? Crazy Sally in the fashion industry and Salsa by my friends.

When were you introduced to Motorcycles? First time I got on a motorcycle was in front of my grandma’s house at age 6. My cousin had just acquired a silver crotch rocket and asked my mom if I would want to ride on the back. I was like YAYAYYYYYYYYYY I do. So off we went speeding around the little neighborhood past the horse stables and little houses. I loved it. Wanted to get a moto when I moved to So Cal years ago when I took a break from work. Wanted to get the smallest car possible, then I thought moto would be even better. But everyone talked me out of it, too dangerous, you’ll get hurt, blah blah blah. Then I started dating my now BF, rode on the back of his for over 2k miles in a month and was hooked to get my own. At Born Free, the BF introduced me to Ashmore and she was so rad and invited me to Babes Ride Out. I made it a mission to get my license and bike before BRO, i did and that was that.

How do motorcycles and the community play a role in your life? Riding with my BF and on my own taught me more about community then i have ever learned anywhere else in the world. Watching the builder bike community support each other, work with each other, open their doors to each other for places to sleep and hang and how they love each other has been so touching and eye opening. Hanging around builders and then the antique motorcycle collectors, in LA and all over the US totally threw out all of the bull crap stereotypes that exist in our culture. And instagram really makes it feel like a community no matter where someone lives, which is cheesy I know but awesome. The fact that I can keep up with our buddies in Florida and in London or Sydney so easy is super rad.

The BF brought home that mag La Motocyclette for me one afternoon after we started dating and I said I was interested in getting my moto endorsement. I read all of the issues of La Motocyclette cover to cover. The stories made me cry. The way women are using their experiences with motorcycles to overcome crazy shit, like single mothers surviving domestic abuse, girls turning away from dangerous gang communities, ladies healthfully grieving lost partners and fathers, women overcoming fear and creating a new self confidence through the ride. I thought riding is something much bigger than a David Mann painting of bars and babes on the back. It’s therapy. It’s self development. It’s moving forward when you don’t think you can. I thank La Motocyclette for showing me the real female movement in moto, not the sexualized, objectified crap that every other event and magazine represents when it comes to anything female.

The womens moto community has blown my mind. Riding into BRO events I literally tear up. I have never felt so much respect and love for a group of women. There is no cattiness or cliquey crap! Just love and respect for each other. We have so much fun, beyond words. No judgement, no bullshit. Riding and Fun, simple as that. I would literally do anything for Ashmore, Anya and Corinne. I finally feel like I have met my tribe with these women. I have never had girlfriends until now, only dudes, Babes Ride Out changed everything for me.

Motorcycles give me a sense of adventure I haven’t experienced with any other hobby or sport before. I love riding into beautiful parks and nature, countryside. That’s my passion! I love curvy roads and hills so it feels like you are riding a rollercoaster through the most beautiful landscape. Motorcycles are a moving meditation for me. Like surfing, it’s a forced presence, once you stop paying attention to the road, to the waves, to nature, you fall. I love that aspect. I feel connected to the universe on my bike. I feel connected to myself on my bike. No other feeling like that in the world.

What kind of bike do you ride and why? I ride a 2000 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster Hugger named Pearl. I love her so much. I wanted a Harley because they last forever. They are virtually indestructible. She is my Aphrodite moto goddess machine. She has only been owned by two other ladies before me. And I think I will keep her until I pass her down to my hypothetical daughter. Pearl is an awesome city , even though I tour on her anyway. I want to upgrade her to a 1200cc so she can jam a little more on the freeway, she just gets a bit high vibration because the engine is a rigid mount. I am doing some custom work on her this winter, she’s stock right now. And I am going to add a removable sissy bar and a new Corbin seat, and some custom fabrication work to bring out her inner most Aphrodite…


Also obsessed with Harley Davidson XR1200X

And I want a dirt bike…

I will have a fleet soon, very soon.


Best moto trip you have ever been on? So far…Riding from Detroit to Woodstock back to Milwaukee was pretty awesome. The scenery and riding in Pennsylvania and the Catskills is breathtaking. i don’t think I blinked that entire ride! But really every trip feels like the best trip. Even if it’s only a couple of hours into the countryside or desert from the city.

What is at the top of your list of destinations you want to ride? India (all of it), every national park in US, Hawaii, Bali, All of Europe. I want to ride every country in the world please.

What are you goals as a motorcyclist? To ride in every country in the world. To race at Barber. To dirt bike like a pro. Ice racing. Flat Track Racing, And take all of the advanced riding courses to make all of these things happen!

What would you say to new riders as a piece of advice? Ride because YOU want to. Not to be cool, or look cool or to fit in or because your friend or BF or GF told you to, or because you saw it on Instragram. Do it because YOU love it, YOU want to. There are so many people, men and women I see get on bikes for the wrong reasons, and that’s how accidents happen and people get hurt. Ride because you love it! No one will judge you either way, they are usually too concerned with how they look! And if they do judge you, F*CK THEM!

And ride inside of your comfort zone! I say no to rides with groups I don’t know all of the time because I am not in my own comfort safety zone riding with others outside of my normal pack. I don’t ride at night because of drunk drivers and deer. I ALWAYS wear a helmet and cover my arms, legs, wear boots and gloves. Because it is MY safety zone and I don’t give a hoot if anyone thinks I am a nerd for doing so. My life is precious, and I don’t have to be some reckless suicide mission just because I ride a motorcycle. You don’t either. Ride how and when you feel comfortable and safe. On ANY moto YOU love. 100cc or whatever!

Also, I don’t drink and ride. I literally won’t even have ONE Miller Lite if I am on my bike. My brain and judgment is too important when I am riding to have any alcohol in the old bloodstream.

Motorcycle safety class sealed the deal for me!! It’s an awesome way to get a feeling for if you want to really ride or not.   I wasn’t sure until the second day when we started doing large laps around the parking lot, and then I was like HELLL YEAHHHH this is for me!!! And I wanted to race! But up until that point, I was not sure that riding my own bike was for me. Not too mention that I actually got safety skills I really needed to ride without wrecking my bike or killing myself.

Oh and engine guards are awesome.

Riding a motorcycle is like ________? Connecting to the Mothership, Forced Zen.

What else are you into besides motos? Fashion and anything involving a beach.

What do you do for a living? Fashion Stylist.

What’s on your current music playlist? Mazzy Star, Hope Sandoval, Nick Drake, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Wes Anderson Soundtracks, Beach House, Daft Punk, School of Seven Bells, Prince, Skrillex, Asap Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce Lemonade, Rihanna Anti…welcome to my gemini mind.

What is a pet peeve of yours? Bullshit, Speaking it or Acts of it.

Snack of choice? Popsicles, Cotton Candy any form of sugars

If you were a crayon color, which one would you be and why? Is there a rainbow crayon? OHHHHHHHHHH or a holographic crayon?I can’t pick one color ever, love them all, feel like I am all of the colors.

Who inspires you? Rei Kawakubo, Anna Wintour, Phoebe Philo, Brad Richards, My Mom, The Atwyld Voyagers. Anyone who is truly being themselves which always involves helping humans somehow.

What inspires you? My dog Bubba. Change. Innovation in any field. Ballsy-ness. Being told I can’t do something. Or I shouldn’t do something. Authenticity.  And Crystals.

Why is wearing technical riding apparel important to you? SAFETY FIRST! My skin is too important to me NOT to ride in technical gear that protects it, from the road and the sun. Have you every seen Skin Grafting??? Yuck painful and scary. Finding tech gear that meets my standards of FORM and FUNCTION has been impossible until Atwyld. We all hear of the many moto accidents in our communities and the difference between injuries with full protective tech gear and none are insane and life threatening. I love and respect my body and my life too much to not wear it.

What is the most important thing to you when choosing something to ride in? Road abrasion protection? Flying debris protection? does it breathe? does it keep me warm? does it protect me from the sun? does it fit my body properly (this has been impossible until Atwyld)? does it meet my aesthetic tastes?  was it designed by a woman?  This is the checklist I go through when buying new riding clothes.  Until now I have been riding in mostly men’s gear which fits like shit. No obnoxious graphics or logos or sparkle, pink or purple or butterfly crap EVER. And top of all this, my riding gear needs to fit my uber punk cowgirl moon goddess style.

What makes you interested in being an ambassador for Atwyld? I couldn’t be more honored to be an ambassador for a brand that stands for everything I stand for: Form, Function, made with integrity. Made in the US is a big selling point for me when I buy anything! I believe every product made has the energy of the people producing it, and knowing that this line is being created and manufactured by stone cold foxes and loving hands is a BIG deal to me. So being able to finally represent the first moto tech women’s gear brand made by women for women who love the ride??? SIGN ME UP!! Plus the other women on the Voyager team are my moto heroes. So stoked to be among such amazing, strong, awesome babes.

What do you think of when you hear the word Voyage? “When do we leave?”

What do you think when you look up at a night sky full of stars? Can’t wait to ride on the moon. IT WILL HAPPEN. And I give love to the moon goddess.

Photo credits in order:

Kelly Balch, Brad Richards for the rest :)