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  1. Ann Forster

    So proud of you Shelby! There’s nothing better than helmet time. If your journeys ever take you to Idaho in the summer, you have a place to stay, meals to share, and a campfire to sit and share stories with in the evening before stargazing through the night.

    1. Shelby Rossi

      Ann, you and your family were a big piece of my upbringing, so it means the world to me that you read this. Thank you. I’m dying to get to Idaho, so you better believe I’m coming to visit you and Jeff! Looking forward to the campfire stories. XO

  2. phillip

    Great read Shelby. Thanks for sharing your memories.

    1. Shelby Rossi

      I’m so happy you enjoyed it, Philip. Thank you for reading!

  3. Fauna

    Would you be willing to post your route? I’m inspired and curious.

    1. Shelby Rossi

      Hi Fauna, I’d love to share my route with you! If you message me on Instagram @Shelbyrossi, I can email you the route and some of my favorite pit stops.

  4. Bob Longway

    Tell your Dad, “Thanks for a remarkable person and say Hi from me.” Thanks for letting us go along. So proud I can say I know you. Enjoy and be careful!

    1. Shelby Rossi

      You’re the best, Bob! I’ll tell dad you and Marty say hi. Can’t wait to see you guys again!

  5. Courtney Vanderstock

    My goodness Shelby. I came across this and couldnt believe it was you. I knew there would only be 1 shelby Rossi that rode motorcycles in this world. I worked with your father long ago. Such well written words. It looks like you have grown up to be such an amzing person just like the Ray Rossi i always knew. Congratulationson all of your accomplishments. Ride safe
    Courtney Vanderstock

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