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  1. Ashmore Ellis

    I loved this story! Sally, you are a true badass and I am so impressed by you!!!!!!!

  2. Mindi Muzzarelli

    What my dreams are made of!! Thanks for sharing the details!! #somedayitWillBeMe

  3. Julee McKinney

    Great article and great pictures!

  4. Ckay

    Awesome experience. Makes me sad I missed 2017. Bad shoulder. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Rebecca Keating

    Hey Sally, great post! I totally get behind your motivation to do this trip. I also did a solo moto trip from Manhattan, KS to the Gulf Coast for a similar reason. So. Much. Fun. But also you meet the most friendly people when you’re a female traveling alone on a motorcycle, as you experienced in Arizona.

    I commend you for such a large bike! I love the agility and confidence that comes with small and light bikes. But It’s awesome to see badasses out their wielding their heavy steeds.

    p.s. my mom grew up in Catoosa, OK and used to tell me about this whale situation, but I’d never seen a photo of it! So it was cool to see it here.

  6. Shelby Rossi

    MY HERO.

  7. Mike Rickard

    I really enjoyed your story, Sally. I’ll never ride a bike because I am a klutz and foresee only bad things should I get on one. However, props to you. I’ve taken road trips and there’s nothing like them, but I can’t imagine what it’s like to ride a motorcycle down America’s great highway system. A trip from Milwaukee to Joshua Tree is no short ride. Sounds like an adventure worthy of a book and/or blog. Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure. Milwaukee to ???

  8. David Klein

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