Behind The Lens: Adri Law

Adri Law is one of the coolest babes the Atwyld Universe has brought to us. A talented photographer with an amazing taste level, she has shot some of our favorite Atwyld looks throughout the years. She is co-founder of the Paradise Road Show and founder of the Reunion Car + Moto Show and an overall inspiring badass. We got the chance to know the wizard behind the lens and learn about her love for both two and four wheels. Read on to learn more about the ultimate Nice Girl.



 Photo Credits: Christian Guerra

ATWYLD: Tell us a bit about yourself and where you are from.

ADRI: My name is Adri Law, I am a Los Angeles Native, Freelance photographer, and founder of Paradise Road Show + Reunion Car and Moto Show!


ATWYLD: What do you currently have in your garage? Two Wheels or Four Wheels.

ADRI: I have a 1965 Ranchero and a 1999 HD Sportster.


Photo Credits: Grant Puckett

ATWYLD: We’ve seen your ‘65 Ranchero on the gram, it’s stunning 😍.What’s the story behind it?

ADRI: My first old car was a bright Red '64 Falcon and she was so fun and cute, I learned a lot from that car, but I outgrew it quick and had always had my eyes on a Ranchero. I obsessively scoured the internet for my next car, and I was really only interested in a Black or White car, but came across my gold one a few times, only to dismiss it. My friend that was helping me look brought it to my attention a few times and even called the owner to see what the deal was, he knew it was a great car so we went to look at it and I fell absolutely in love, she was the one for me!


ATWYLD: What sparked your love of classic cars?

ADRI: In about 6th grade I noticed a white '65 Mustang on my way to school every morning and I felt a feeling I had never felt, I was hooked. 

ATWYLD: How did you get into riding motorcycles?

ADRI: I love telling this story because It involves one of our favorite people, Brittany Wood ! I've known Brit for a long time, and one day I saw her riding motos on Instagram in 2014 and I was curious. I had been on the back of a few, but I knew I really needed one of my own ! I asked her how I could learn, she gave me the details, and before I knew it I had signed myself up for a Motorcycle safety course, which is what I recommend to anyone who wants to learn to ride. She and I were neighbors at the time, and after I took my course, she would pick me up on her little 250cc Yamaha Star and would let me practice riding around in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. I got my own little 1970 Honda CB 350 soon after, then moved on to the Sportster I have now, but I have ridden alongside Brittany a bunch on both of those bikes and I'll always be extremely grateful that she helped me get into riding!


ATWYLD: Tell us what some of your favorite Atwyld pieces are and why?

ADRI: WELL it's really hard to pick because everything is perfect, but I will say I do love my Two Wheel Overalls and Endurance Dyneema Jacket for riding. I never owned any gear because honestly, it was all just so ugly. Nothing was ever cut right for women and the fits and styles were always pretty outdated, but now that the babes of Atwyld are making gear that is really cute, I find myself wearing it on and off my bike.


Photo Credits: Christian Guerra 

ATWYLD: You have created a sense of community with both your shows Paradise Road Show and Reunion Show and really intertwined creativity with your love of motorcycles and classic cars. What inspired you to create these rad shows?

ADRI: There really weren't any shows aimed towards a younger crowd that celebrated vintage cars and bikes both equally, so filling in the gap came naturally.


ATWYLD: You have shot some of our favorite photos, how did you get into photography?

ADRI: At 15 was going to lots of punk and hardcore shows and was interested in shooting the bands, so I would bring my crappy little digital camera and do my thing, then I signed up for a photo class in 10th grade and knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


ATWYLD: How would you describe your photography style?

ADRI: Fun and Free!


Photo Credits: Adri Law

ATWYLD: Any advice for aspiring photographers?

ADRI: Shoot what you love and never stop !

ATWYLD: Were there any creatives out there that were an inspiration to you?

ADRI: I love seeing other female photographers out there crushing it, that inspires me to keep going !


ATWYLD: Who is one person that you would like the chance to photograph? Alive or dead?

ADRI: I would have loved to document the beginning of the punk scene in the UK in the 1970's.


ATWYLD: What are you into besides photography and incredibly sexy classic cars and custom motorcycles?

ADRI: Honestly, my life revolves around old cars, bikes + taking photos, and I have no problem with that.



Photo Credits: Adri Law 


ATWYLD: Do you have any pets? We LOVE dogs.

ADRI: I have pit boxer named Baxter !


ATWYLD: What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

ADRI: Mint chocolate chip.


ATWYLD: What is your bucket list travel destination?

ADRI: Id really love to cross Croatia off my list!


ATWYLD: Where can people find more info about the Paradise Road Show and Reunion Show? Any upcoming dates?

ADRI: + 

Paradise Nashville will be coming up July 30th 2022 and Reunion will happen this summer, I'm thinking mid August !


Find Adri on Instagram and her website