Kalen Thorien has been Living in her Two Wheels Overalls

Kalen Thorien has been Living in her Two Wheels Overalls

I’m definitely one of those people who should wear protective gear more than I do, but I tend to make excuses not to - especially when just cruising around the city. If it’s not stylish - I don’t want to wear it (which I know I’ll regret the second I go down). When I saw these overalls on Instagram I immediately fell in love but hesitated because I don’t think I’ve worn overalls since junior high and I was wondering if I’d get my money’s worth. Well that hesitation was quickly put to bed the second I put these on. 

Atwyld Two Wheel Overalls

Kalen Thorian in Two Wheels Overalls by Atwyld

"Oh. My. Sweet motorcycle riding baby Jesus these overalls are the s****!"

I kid you not, I’ve worn them everyday since I bought them two weeks ago - even when I’m not riding! They’re comfortable, flattering, and versatile which automatically gives you NO excuse not have protective gear on while riding. I get compliments left and right, even from people that don’t ride! 

Atwyld Two Wheels Overalls in Midnight

The biggest thing for me is practicality and I love that I can take these from the city to the campsite and they function great in both environments. They hold up to the grit of the road and sleeping in the dirt which is where I spend most of my time and it’s nice to have a piece of gear that covers all the bases. No more riding pants on the road and jeans at your destination! I can literally come from my tent and walk into a restaurant without issue, all while being safe on the road.

Atwyld Two Wheels Overalls

The fact that I’m writing this in these overalls in downtown LA after camping for a week should be a testament. If I had to own one piece of riding gear - these would be it. 

Photos by Genevieve Davis

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