Erica aka @Queen.sit & her Journey to Two Wheels

Erica aka @Queen.sit & her Journey to Two Wheels

Name: QueenSit (Erica)

Age: 31

Where do you live? I live in St. Louis, MO.

Where are you from? I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO.

Tell us about yourself. I love adventures and trying new things. I can get bored pretty easily so I find myself researching then trying something new. It’s brought me so many new experiences. Some are great and some can be left behind. I love learning and can watch youtube video’s all day long. Adventure are what got me into motorcycles. I’m a Harley-Davidson ambassador. I have been riding motorcycles for 3 years. I started on a Honda cbr 300, moved to a Harley-Davidson Street Bob, and now I’m on a H-D Road Glide. When I’m not riding motorcycles, I am a filmmaker @VideoQueenSTL on Instagram.

What do you do for a living? By day I’m a middle school teacher and by night I’m building a motorcycle brand.

How did you get into motorcycles? What inspired you? My journey into the motorcycle world is sort of comical. My best friend was teasing me about how random and adventurous I am. Someone on a motorcycle rode by and she said, “What’s next, motorcycles?” A lightbulb went off! Later that night I randomly approached a guy on a motorcycle at the gas station. I asked could I sit on his motorcycle, he said yes. I knew nothing about how to ride, gear, or safety but I was intrigued.  He picked me up on his motorcycle and gave me two lesson and I’ve been riding ever sense.

Does anyone else in your family ride? No, I’ve been trying to convince them to try but they refuse. One day I’m going to convince them.

Did you have a lot of friends that rode? Starting off I didn’t have any friends that rode. That’s the beautiful thing about the motorcycle lifestyle, you meet so many different people, make so many new friends. Now I know many people that ride.

What kind of bike do you have? I have a 2019 Harley-Davidson Road Glide standard.

What is it that you love about riding? I absolutely love how free I feel while riding. I have anxiety at times and I’ve noticed that I’m mentally relaxed when I’m riding my motorcycles and the feeling of the wind hitting face. It’s a time when I can focus, relieve any stress that I feel, and I’m at peace.

What is it about being a part of the moto community that you love? I love meeting new people every day! It’s pushed me to try new things like becoming a Moto-vlogger. It’s so much fun to make a youtube videos about riding. Then being able to share and learn from everyone’s different experiences and stories. I also love that I am inspiring people to do the unthinkable in life.  

Tell us about some of the best experiences you have had on your bike. My favorite experience on my motorcycle has to be when I traveled alone for the first time on a 12 hour ride to West Virginia. Once I arrived, I had my first camping experience and slept outside with an amazing group of women, motorcycle riders. I recorded the full experience and you can view it on my YouTube page “QueenSit on a Harley”.

Any favorite roads you’ve ridden? Seneca Rocks Roads in West Virginia is definitely one of the most scenic and fun roads I’ve had the chance to ride.

What is on your bucket list in terms of riding destinations or experiences? It’s on my bucket list but I plan to accomplish it soon; I would love to ride to California on my motorcycle and visit the west coast for the first time.

Tell us about an Atwyld moment you have had on your bike? My Atwyld moment was approaching Seneca Rocks, West Virginia. I’m a city girl so it wasn’t until I was riding in the woods alone that I realized that I would be sleeping in a tent when night came and what that entailed. I became super nervous and wanted to go to a hotel where I would feel safe and comfortable, but then I thought about Bessie Stringfield, the first African American woman to ride across the US solo in the 1930’s.  I thought about all the obstacles she had to face: racism, sexism and being the first. Even though I was at my limit, I continued on my journey and had one of the best experiences of my life camping with other motorcycle women.

How did you hear about Atwyld? I heard about Atwyld from a fellow Harley-Davidson ambassador, Kalen Thorien during a meeting. After, I saw an Instagram post from Atwyld. I  saw how amazing the clothes were and decided to reach out, because more people need to know about this amazing brand.

If you were a motorcycle what kind of bike would you be? If I were a motorcycle I would be a Kawasaki Ninja from the fast and furious movie because I’m edgy, sporty, and like a little speed every now and then.

Do you have any goals that you want to achieve as a motorcyclist? Yes, I want to be known as someone who spreads love and positivity. I also want to become a top YouTuber whose videos motivate riders all over the world.

What advice do you have for someone who is thinking about hopping on two wheels? I would tell them to watch a lot of YouTube videos about learning how to ride. I would also let them know that if you fail at something, don’t give up. If you fall down, get back up.

Add me on Youtube and Instagram @Queen.Sit for all of my motorcycle videos and photos.