Meet our Retailers: MotoCorsa

Team Atwyld recently got the chance to catch up with one of our newest retailers, Moto Corsa. Located in the PNW, MotoCorsa is made up of a group of close-knit staff members which we cannot rave enough about. Oh, and did we mention how good they all look in our Pit Crew Jumpsuit? Keep reading to learn more about the Moto Corsa team. 


Business Name:  MotoCorsa

Business Location: 2170 NW Wilson Street, Portland, OR 97210




Tell us a bit about your business and its origin story.

Once upon a time there was a big dark and sad void in the Portland motorcycle community.  There was no hope or beacon of light to lead the weary and worn out enthusiasts to the happy place of their hearts.  From this nothingness came the desire – NAY, THE NEED - to start a little speed shop that walked the walk and talked the talk of all things good in this world: Motorcycles.  And what better way to express our love and joy than to ride the most visceral of brands of motorcycles – the very zenith of the sentiment that says “turn around and look back at the bike you just rode”.  With this great power came the even greater responsibility to make it completely inclusive so that everyone (when we say y’all we mean EVERYONE) could have a safe and fun space to express their love of this little lifestyle that we adore so much.  And that’s how MotoCorsa was born.


Who are the founders?

MotoCorsa was originally founded by Brad Tonkin.


Tell us why you chose Atwyld and what are your favorite Atwyld pieces?

Because inclusivity and motorcycles need a fashionably gorgeous brand that understands high quality and comfort.  Too many pieces to count which are our favorites – how does one pick a favorite child, a favorite motorcycle, or a favorite Atwyld piece?




What is the most rewarding part of your business?

The human connection that comes with this level of passion and emotion. We love to be the forum and space for all walks of life who walk through our doors and inevitably become a part of our family.


What is your favorite ice cream flavor? (If we are interviewing the owner).

Milkbar’s Cereal Milk


Anything else you would like to tell everyone?

Motorcycling has historically been a place for middle aged men who search for their youth in the wind and noise.  It is also a unique place where all walks of life can find commonality.  We want to invite everyone to get a taste of this magic that has us hooked.  Come ride, eat, party, and share with us.  A loving community is such a big part of what casts away hatred and fear and together we can make our world a better place for everyone.  If you win, then I win. A very wise person said that once.