Meet Our Retailers: Mourning Dove Supply Co.

Meet Our Retailers: Mourning Dove Supply Co.

We recently got the chance to catch up with one of our newest retailers, Mourning Dove Supply Co. Mourning Dove established its roots in the height of the pandemic when one of the founders, Emily, became a self-taught metalsmith. She soon took her business to many moto-shows where Mourning Dove began to blossom and soon led to moto gear. Read on to learn more about Mourning Dove and their passion for metal work and motos. 

Business Name:

Mourning Dove Supply Co.

Business Location: 
Northeast Minneapolis
Tell us a bit about your business and its origin story.
At the heart, we are a passion company. It started with me, Emily, in 2020 while the entire state of Minnesota was in the pandemic lockdown. I was determined to teach myself to metalsmith while I was out of work. So, I spent my days watching how-to videos, building my jewelers bench up with tools, and freezing my arse off in the garage practicing my skills. Our motorcycles were covered in silver dust by the end of every day. 
From there, we started vending at local shows- all motorcycle shows being that we were already involved in the TC Moto Community. It grew to us vending at shows in California, Colorado, etc. and it only made sense that we expanded to carrying moto gear, as we didn’t have any local shops here that sold actual GOOD-looking gear and apparel. I wanted somewhere we could try on the companies’ gear that we currently could only buy online. So we did just that. Expanding our tent from a 10x10 to a 10x20, by building relationships with our favorite brands, and getting feedback from our community. 
Now, we are about to launch our first brick & mortar inside The Moto Collective in Northeast Minneapolis, the heart of the Minnesota Moto Community! 
Photo Credit: (Kristen Taylor)
Who are the founders? 
Emily Dove & husband Jason Savage
Tell us why you chose Atwyld. What are your favorite Atwyld pieces?
I’ve loved Atwyld since the first year I started riding. I own more Atwyld pieces than any other brand and I want more people to see the quality of woman-owned brands. I’m in love with the Pit Crew Jumpsuits & the No Service Jumpers! I’m really looking forward to carrying the Chinos, Overalls, & all of the Moto Jeans!
What is the most rewarding part of your business? 
The most rewarding part of Mourning Dove is the community & camaraderie that it brings in. I love connecting with new & experienced riders who are excited about a shop like this!
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 
I am the only living soul that does not like ice cream!

Photo Credit: (Kristen Taylor)


Is there anything else you would like to share with us for your blog feature?

We are having our Grand Opening party on May 20th from 12p-7p! The shop is open to everybody- riders or not!