"My art is a way to occupy my mind and settle my soul" - Katie Reidy @RariGrafix

"My art is a way to occupy my mind and settle my soul" - Katie Reidy @RariGrafix

Katie Reidy @RariGrafix caught our eye when she slid into our DM's with her epic customized Pit Crew Jumpsuit. We then spent the next hour creeping through her gram ( a truly deep scroll ) to find out that she is beyond cool and insanely talented. We needed to know more like what her favorite ice cream flavor is. Read on to learn about Katie and her art.



Photos by: @nortographyatl

My name is Katie Reidy. I’m married, and it’s actually Katie Reigner, but no one calls me that! But my wife and I combined our last name so I feel it necessary to point out! 

I live in Westchester NY but I was born and raised in Brentwood on Long Island NY. 

I have a wife and a sweet child. I am a street artist/muralist and designer and also own a creative daycare program and an art class that I created and have been teaching for the past 12 years called Urban Illustration. I’ve taught internationally as well as nationally. I teach graffiti style art. I am a skateboarder, but not so much a trickster these days. More like longboard cruising. I love candy. And Doritos. 

If I had 1 word to describe myself it would be "Motivated"  (I really wanted to say "anxious" but motivated sounds better) 

My art is a way to occupy my mind and settle my soul. It helps me to help others see their potential and find their confidence. I got started in High School, running away from chemistry (though I really used chemistry so often now!). I opted to take more art courses. I loved it. I didn’t think I was any good at it really. I then went off to college with an undeclared major but with an eye for history teaching… and soon found out that didn’t suit me.

I then got accepted to SCAD in GA. I tried fashion and acting and loved both but realized they were not for me. Ultimately, I graduated in NY with a fine arts degree. My focus was computer arts/illustration and graphic design. I knew I didn’t want to work in an office so I tried out being freelance, and the rest is history. I started painting and customizing shoes, helmets, teaching, hosting art events. And it just continued to grow. 

As I kid I really looked up to and idolized my teachers but also Julia Roberts.

Cake Batter is my favorite ice cream flavor. 

If I could travel anywhere in the universe I would go to the places I’m scared of like tight small underwater caves, super high mountains, desolate places, empty abandoned cities, Etc. 

If I were a car or motorcycle I would actually be a long board butttttt... I guess if I were a motorcycle I would be a cobra speedster.

If I could solve 1 mystery for all of humanity I don't think I would. I don’t think all mysteries need solving. And i think there are many things that humans are incapable of handling as a group without abusing the knowledge. So I’d keep all those mysteries good and mysterious.

If I could have 1 super power it would be to be able to speak any language at any time, from human language to creatures. 

I was just browsing jumpsuits and there she was, the Atwyld Pit Crew Jumpsuit. It's perfect, it's got great stretch, its soft, its stiff enough in the leg for cuffing and its just perfect. I customized mine by designing logos digitally and then remastered them into vectors. From there, I cut them into vinyl and then put the vinyl decals on the outfits. I also used spray paint to customize the drips on the front.