Being Nice

I’ve always been interested in people. How they talk, act, think, literally all things they do and say. I was so fascinated with humans I ended up going to school for Cultural Anthropology which is the study of people but if you ask me, I really got my degree in tolerance, understanding, and compassion. I still struggle with all those things (daily) but I try so hard to do better because the job I ended up perusing and my genuine interests thrive on it. Being able to connect with other people starts with kindness which is why I love The Nice Girls Club so much. Being nice creates positive energy which to me is most definitely real and can be felt. If you think I am insane, come to a Babes Ride Out event. The air is almost electrified with it and you can actually breathe it in. The importance of being nice and acting out of kindness is that this manifested energy goes much further and reaches way more people than you can possibly imagine. It could solely be the act of listening to someone who’s had a bad day, volunteering a few hours a month, or just a simple encouraging comment on someone’s Instagram or Facebook. Your actions matter and can create positive energy or negative, that choice is yours to make daily and never forget you are always in control. Being nice allows you to be a better human and I for one always want to be a better version myself and I know I have so much room for improvement. It’s something that you have to work on, we all do, but once you start you won’t be able to stop. So be nice, listen, and care for each other. The Nice Girls Club is open to everyone and doesn’t cost a dime, just some positivity and a little effort. – Ashmore Ellis,  A Work in Progress

Photos: Andrea DoSoto, Lauren Lilly





What does Nice Girls Club mean?  Being a Nice Girl is everything!  Nice Girls eat pizza and love puppies and kittens. Nice Girls are also racers and riders and wrenchers. Nice Girls are tough and sensitive, and everything in between.  They simply make the effort to not let resting bitch face, cattiness, judgment, mean spirited sarcasm, or obsessive Instagram scrolling get in the way of just seeing the goodness in all that we can. The trick is to never take yourself too seriously, and make the time to smile at a stranger and say, “Hi! My name is…”

BOOM. Nice Girl status.





In seventh grade, I was literally voted “the nicest person in class.” I was never one of the cool kids but I never seemed to piss anyone off either, so that was okay with me. It’s silly, but I’ve always tried to uphold that seventh grade title.

One might expect a group of badass women on motorcycles to be as cliquey and snobby as they are intimidating, but it’s quite the opposite. Regardless of your experience level or style of riding, anyone is welcome. As soon as I bought a motorcycle, I realized I was instantly a member of some unofficial club. A club that is made up of some of the coolest and kindest people you’ll ever meet. ATWYLD’s Nice Girls Club apparel is a perfect representation of this. It reminds me to support other women in my life and work, to take the time to get to know them before writing them off as a threat. Join the Nice Girls Club!





I saw the logo for nice girls club and I immediately was drawn to it. I needed to have it… The jacket, the patches, everything. I went home and sewed it on my favorite jean jacket right away. And inside I was that excited little girl jumping up and down that just wanted to belong.

I grew up a tomboy in the counter culture of Venice beach, skateboarding, applying fake tattoos, watching the weekend warriors flock to the sand. This was the building blocks that formed my unique backbone. Tough and sun-kissed, but always a nice girl.

Now as a mid thirty something tattooed girl who rides motorcycles, sometimes you give off a different impression to those with closed eye judgments. When I wear the ‘nice girl jacket’, people say things to me, they ask me if I’m nice. They take the time to listen to who I actually am, and we both walk away with a smile.

I’ve always described my self as a nice kid, just trying to do the right thing. And after being introduced to Babes Ride Out and with ATWYLD’s Nice Girl Club motto, I finally feel like I found my family and place that I belong. Nice girls club for life ⚡

???? Seriously. The nice girls club means so much to me. Thank you for letting me ramble a little about it. And thank you even more for creating this space for all of us misfits to call home.







It’s the feeling of ultimate comfort. The feeling of meeting someone new and instantly forming a connection from their warm welcome. To me, the “nice girls club” is a group of ladies who are kind hearted and spread positivity amongst each other.

A nice girl isn’t intimidating — she welcomes you with a friendly smile and has got your back no matter what. Nice girls radiate good vibes off each other that can make you accomplish anything. It’s all about inspiring other ladies and connecting with one another.

I have met and connected with an endless amount of nice gals in the moto community. The moment of arriving at a female moto/camp events always has an underlining “summer camp” feeling of how everyone will be. But once you arrive the nerves are instantly trampled by the excitement that fellow nice girls greet you with. It’s incredibly refreshing. The ones I have met at these events are ladies I have felt like I have known forever just within days of knowing them. When like-minded nice girls come together with a shared passion — it’s a force that can’t be stopped. It’s the force that drives the “nice girls club.”