Spills, Thrills and Skills | A weekend at Babes in the Dirt 5

Spills, Thrills and Skills | A weekend at Babes in the Dirt 5



For the 5th year in a row women from all over the world gathered at Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area for a weekend of off-roading. Babes in the Dirt is the dirty version of the event series brought to you by Babes Ride Out. We at Atwyld were so stoked to hit the track and trails with 600+ other women.

While Hungry Valley SVRA is only a couple of hours from Atwyld HQ we don’t find ourselves up there a lot. It’s a by-product of owning a small business I guess... less time to ride.  We have all spent a lot of time there in the past but somehow keep finding new and awesome trails every time we attend!

We rolled up Friday to a line of vans, trucks and RV’s waiting to get in. The vibe is high and we all could not wait to unload and get on our bikes. The event space consists of a really fun MX track, a GP track, 6+ miles of private trails and access to the entire 19,000 acre trail system. Damn, we are lucky to live in California where there are designated areas reserved for this sport we love so much!

So many of our friends gather on this awesome weekend and it is such a trip to set out for the day on the trails and not come back for hours. By the end of the day we had pretty much ripped around the entire perimeter of the park and through some of our favorite single track trails. This is what it is all about and in a place like Hungry Valley it is pretty hard to get lost since they have all the trails well marked.

We always like to push ourselves as riders and we had more than our fair share of “ATWYLD” moments on the trails that day…. Hitting some pretty steep rock faces, fast-paced switch back turns trying to keep up with our fast friends and sending it on the MX track. Reaching that wild moment that exists between fear and thrill just makes you feel a live. That is what ATWYLD is all about.

The next day was spent taking some of our friends out that are a new to dirt. We love seeing so many ladies that have been riding street for a while start to enjoy themselves in the dirt. We always say that the best way to learn to ride a motorcycle is on a dirt bike. The thrills and spills and eventually skills will help you be an all around better rider on all motorcycles as you progress. BUT… nothing wrong with going the other way around. One of the biggest joys of riding off road is reaching the places where no one else is around and you are far out in nature. Even through dirt bikes are loud and full of power, they can take you to the most quiet and calming places on this planet.

After a weekend spent in the dirt we could not help but leave so stoked to see so many women rocking out Shift MX X Atwyld Off-road gear set collaboration. We are so happy that so many riders love it as much as we do. One luck babe took home a full set from the raffle as well. Thanks for the support babes! Enjoy the ride and keep on rippin’!!!


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