A Letter to Our Community

A Letter to Our Community

We are not going to pretend that we are not living in difficult times right now. The world is dealing with a global pandemic. Then, layer on top of that the horrific events that resulted in the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis. The aftershock of this and countless other horrific acts has awakened the world to the deep-seeded issues that exist in this country and have existed for centuries. Many of us do not know where to turn, how to act or what to do right now. Us included. 

We, as founders, have taken some time to self-reflect as human beings and as a brand. We continue this journey of self-reflection by listening to our community while keeping the momentum. We started this company for women. Women from all walks of life, races, ages and origins. It’s not just about motorcycles. It’s about empowerment across the board.

It’s a familiar story for many of us. Feeling unheard, unnoticed or for some, even targeted or discriminated against. These feelings have been experienced by many women but perhaps none more than women of color and specifically Black women.

We as founders have deep roots in the women’s motorcycle community. Being a part of this uplifting, empowering, welcoming and inclusive environment can make it easy to forget the struggles many face in the outside world. It’s easy for us to feel like we live in a world of equality where racism no longer has a home. Sadly, that is just not true and even sadder is that it takes a series of absolutely horrific acts caught on camera to wake us all up and come face to face with reality.

As individuals we are each on personal journeys of educating ourselves, protesting, donating, listening, reading and watching. How that journey will re-shape us is starting to come to the surface. As a company we are analyzing how our voice can play a role in the quest for change. Diversity is part of our DNA as a brand, not just a marketing strategy. There is so much more we can do. We want to hear from you. What can the motorcycle and fashion industry do to amplify Black voices? What can this industry do to be more inclusive? Where do you see opportunity for change? We are on this journey together. 

Here are some of the things we have learned and are taking an active part in:

  • Not just working with POC and Black women on creating content but also featuring them as people and sharing their stories. 
  • Reaching out to Black women in our community to get their feedback and ideas on products and what they feel is missing in the market. 
  • Dedicate time to educating ourselves on size inclusivity and expanding our size range. 
  • Attending more events that are geared toward Black women and POC so that we can have more face to face interactions which will inspire our brand story and product line. 
  • Hosting fundraisers that clearly and directly articulate where we stand as a company. 
  • Continuing to listen and learn 


In times of struggle and self-reflection we find that the best thing any of us can do for our mental state of mind ito ride our motorcycles.

  • Ride your motorcycle by yourself to clear your head.  
  • Ride your motorcycle to go visit your family for the first time in months.
  • Ride your motorcycle to gather your thoughts before a tough conversation.
  • Ride your motorcycle with friends as a way of supporting each other during these hard times.
  • Ride your motorcycle while listening to a podcast or book on tape about Black history in America.
  • Ride your motorcycle to a protest.
  • Ride your motorcycle to go find a quiet place in nature where you can be alone with your thoughts. 

Whatever journey you are on, riding your motorcycle will make you feel more empowered and more equipped to tackle whatever challenges face you. We are here for you, we are with you, we support you. - Atwyld